Young Match Officials

The Academy:

Hampshire Rugby Referees (HRR) understands that interest in becoming a referee, at a younger age, is gradually increasing. It also understands that, to ensure there are referees for tomorrow’s game we need to recruit and retain young referees. Our page on the web-site will set out how the HRR will continue to progress with a county wide initiative to standardise young referee training, development and referee career path focus. HRR has a working group that has three distinct, yet overlapping, work streams. One of the work streams is the focus on Young Referees (U14’s – COLTs) (14 years of age up to COLTs year group (18)). This will be led with the development of the role of Young Referee Development Officer (YRDO). The YRDO, by invitation, will liaise with the Hampshire Youth Committee and clubs to identify young referees and induct them into the Academy, in preparation for development in to the senior society and game.

The Academy Mission Statement:

HRR Young Referee Academy is to recruit and retain quality young referees. To develop a focal point for the training of young referees, their development and support within the game.


To develop an Academy model of excellence for young referees within the county. To achieve continuing development of referees and also aid in the development of coaches and rugby managerial staff. HRR Young Referee Academy aims to achieve this through structured learning, positive appraisal and a development of knowledge at a game and managerial level.

Our Objectives:

To establish good links with HRR and the Hampshire Youth to develop young referees within the county. Each referee will receive at least one appraisal every 3 months. Where practicable, each referee will cover at least 10 matches per year, either as a referee or as an Assistant Referee (AR). Training sessions, where practicable, will cover subject topics as required by the Academy and Clubs. These will mirror the (HRR) meetings. They will include, where practicable, members of the HRR. Members of the Academy will be supported to join the HRR to aid their development. The Academy, if practicable, will look to cover all County tournaments, youth cup games, friendlies and County trials within its membership. This will be done through liaison with the Hampshire Youth Chair and Club organisers. To assist in the broader education of official “craft” and the Laws of the game. To give the Young Referee Academy a single identity, yet be an integral part, of HRR.

What is a Young Match Official?


Safeguarding - this is important to protect you as a Young Match Official and the players you referee

RFU Regulations - Regulation 15: Age Grade Rugby

General Resources

The Academy continues to work with the RFU YMO programme with Hampshire being held up regularly as “Best Practise”.

As part of the Hampshire YMO programme the young referees also register as Young Rugby Ambassadors (YRAs) and the V-Inspired programme.


If you are interested in becoming a Young Referee (YMO) or want your Club to contact the YRDO please see the details below.

Mobile: 07973 980 256


Twitter: HampshireYRDO @HRRAcademy